Oak Forest Police Chief Gregory Anderson said Tuesday that the family were having financial troubles after the father had lost his job. Officers said they discovered the bodies of 54-year-old David Joost; his wife, 55-year-old Margaret O’Leary-Joost; and their son, 18-year-old Daniel Joost, Monday night. The teen had autism and was enrolled in a transition program through the South West Cooperative.

David Joost’s died of asphyxiation from hanging and his death was ruled a suicide, according to the Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office. He also had incised wounds on his wrist. The deaths of his wife and son were ruled homicides. Margaret O’Leary-Joost died of strangulation and smothering and Daniel Joost was strangled, the office determined. Police said after Margaret Joost, a crisis worker at Illinois Advocate Christ Medical Center, called in sick to work on Friday and did not show up on Monday, a co-worker went to her house in the 6600-block of Courtney Drive to check on her. The co-worker saw fluid that looked like blood coming from the garage door and called police.

The family is survived by the couple’s 20-year-old daughter, who attends Milikin University in Decatur in central Illinois.

ABC News